Digital Marketing & Analytics

What I do

I offer realistic and pragmatic solutions to your goal of business sector domination. I will get you more value from your marketing efforts by increasing qualified customers and conversion volume.

How I do It

Understanding your business objectives

Knowing where you want your business to be in the future is a key part of the process for setting achievable goals to reach that destination. Achievable goals mean targets that you can meet within your marketing budget and business operation.

Define your audience

By audience I mean the people who are interested in your goods or services. That could be individuals or key influencers. Each audience type could require a different approach. When it comes to marketing strategies, in most cases, one size most certainly does not fit all.

Review your existing marketing activities

I make an appraisal of your online and offline marketing activities to find out what is working or what can be improved or changed. Tools such as analytic reports that are available from search engines and social media channels assist in that research.

Research your competitors

Using SEM Rush, I track your competitors over different metrics and dimensions to gain insights into their marketing objectives, strategies and capabilities. What’s working for them could work for you. I continually benchmark your performance against competitors as well as your industry sector.

Website appraisal

Most marketing activities are designed to drive your audience to some sort of conversion on your website or social media channel. A website optimised to convert is paramount to reaching your goals. I audit your website to check for usability, search engine optimisation (SEO), device compatibility, design, page loading speed and other recognised important ranking signals. A poorly designed landing page is a waste of your marketing budget.

Create A Marketing Strategy

Having built an understanding of your business objectives, your current marketing efforts, reviewed your competitors and fixed your website, I create a marketing strategy that works towards your defined goals and budget. A good strategy will establish key performance indicators (KPI’s) to measure the touch points towards your destination.

Implement a Measurement Plan

A measurement plan will track the progress of all marketing efforts. Offline data such as direct sales via phone calls can be imported to create a complete dataset. Without good data collection, you cannot know how your marketing campaigns are working. Analysing good data will provide the insights needed to make meaningful decisions on marketing performance.


Nobody wants to scroll over spreadsheets trying to understand how one set of numbers correlates with another set. My Reports are presented in a graphical format that allow an ‘at a glance’ comparison with previous periods.

Contact me.

David J Tyler
Tel: 07747 697 562
Office: Sussex Innovation Centre – No1 – Croydon.